$500 start-up : How you can easily set up a very profitable business this weekend for $500 or less!

Here is my background:-

Worked in corporate life for over 15 years I’ve always wanted to have my own venture Never quite decided which area to focus on Started research, read a lot…then one Marketing seminar got me into action



With my son approaching his 16th birthday and thinking about University….

Like other parents in a similar position…

I wanted to create alternative income streams with no more than $500 to start with

I have since published Ebooks, my own websites, sold on Ebay, helped local businesses and ran webinars

I am here today to help you…

You see the ideas I am about to share with you are producing rapid results for ordinary people just like you: each one has started off with no more than $500 to start up, that’s all.

I’m so excited to be sharing this information with you. I know if you follow these strategies and techniques I offer, you should be well on your way to internet fortune and a lifestyle that will be envied by almost everyone you meet.

My first basic question to you is: what do you want to achieve in life? If your answer goes along the lines…”after I have taken care of my basic needs, I would like to be free….” and free to be able to:

  • Do what I want
  • When I want
  • Where I want
  • With whomever I want
  • For as long as I want
  • Without having to worry about money

Now does this describe you?

If so, then your goal surely has to be a start up business that brings you freedom, not just to sell a lot of stuff, get huge hits per day, the coolest graphics or to launch an IPO. I mention this because it does not make much sense to me to escape from a low paying job ‘prison’ for a higher paying self employment ‘prison’ where you simply end up working horrendous hours, you’re still locked up!

The ideas you will find here have all proven effective and income generating on a 24/7/365 basis.

Here are just samples of individuals who have found success online:

In 2009 Steven found an expert, he offered to set up a webinar for her for FREE in exchange for 50% of the sales, and a couple of weeks later generated $18,000 in sales from his first joint venture webinar! He had just made $9,000 for a couple of hours’ work!

(They had 60 people on the webinar and made 6 sales at $3,000 each)

This is the strategy that launched Steven Essa from being a broke ‘panel-beater’……to generating 7 figure a year working from home.


Irina M. found a social media expert, asked him whether he would like to do his first ‘joint venture webinar’ with her, and generated $5,900 from that webinar!


Connor O’Daly found a Facebook Advertising expert (Mr FBX) and set up and promoted a webinar with him. The expert presented his webinar and they made $20,000 in 90 minutes!


Ideas come from all around us, take Ted Baines, he found a house renovations expert, he set up a webinar for her, she presented her information and strategies, and they made $35,000 in 90 minutes!


You don’t need any expertise! Take Paul Teague. He contacted Chris F., a marketer selling ‘make money’ ebooks on Clickbank.com. Chris had sold thousands of ebooks online, so he had a mailing list of buyers, but he had never done a webinar before. Paul set up the webinar for him and… they made $105,000 in sales in 90 minutes!

Jeff Mills joint ventured in 2012 with the creator of a ‘mobile apps’ software tool. He would create and present the webinar, and the ‘mobile apps’ guy would provide the product. Jeff brought in $1.5 million dollars in sales in 4 months!


Are you ready to have this type of success for yourself? Let me show you how you can start off with $500 or less and within a short time span you can have an income generating online business that you can grow into six or seven figures.

Let’s start at the beginning…


We are living in an incredible era: you have all the wealth of information at your fingertips and you can very easily and affordably start your own start up business for $500 or less. Now I am not talking about ideas that will take time to become profitable or ideas that require you to have inventory or asset and most important of all, ideas that you can implement which once realised free your time to enjoy your life.

You can achieve some incredible and profitable results by emulating success that others have achieved, that’s right; don’t go down the path that you have to come up with some wiz bang big idea. Here’s the key point about original ideas: they simply don’t exist. I don’t just mean that if an idea is put out into the world then someone else will do a version of it… I mean that almost no idea is so original that no one else has thought of a version already.

To be successful remember that you get paid for what you do (not what you think). You get freedom from what you create (not what you discuss as a one-day option). You must be outcome focused and have the persistence and tenacity to see the results come in, in other words, take the first steps, keep making decisions and small actions continually, only then do you set yourself up for success.

Your success will depend on how you master just three principles. According marketing guru Jay Abraham, these are:

  1. Increase the number of customers
  2. Increase the amount of average order
  3. Increase the frequency of orders

These are fundamental points to grow any business online or not.

The idea is just the start. Today you can go from idea to execution faster (and cheaper) than ever before, and what matters is the part where you are actually doing.


The beginning

So what is your current position? Where are you starting off from?

If you currently have a job, you can start part time on your online business build up a decent income which you can substitute, this is both sound as a second income as well as building a sustainable long term avenue breaking free from working for someone else and the freedom that comes with that…just imagine no answerable manager, daily schedule that meets your needs, you do as much or as little as you want and with financial freedom comes the satisfaction that you can provide for your loved ones.

What if you are in between jobs? This will be your passport to a life without an employer, forever! It may not seem like an easy shift but with just a little cost ($500 or less) you can set up a profitable enterprise that can quickly bring you an income.

If you currently work part time, this is an ideal position from which to launch an online business for $500 or less. You have ample time on your hands, right? Why not use this time and start generating a second income which over time will eclipse your part time job and you can decide if you would like to quit!

So will this be the year you start your own business? You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started. In fact, this feature highlights 6 online business ideas that you can launch for $500 or less. Every type of expertise is available, prior experience is not a pre-requisite. Don’t let lack of experience affect your thinking in any way.

You know what, it really does not matter one bit where you start out, what matters is that you focus and just get going. Take this advice from experts…

When Small Business Opportunities launched its family of small business magazines 22 years ago, Ben and Jerry, the ice cream legends, were their first big interview. SBO asked them the single most important pieces of advice they could give first-time entrepreneurs, and they gave two great pieces of insight: Firstly, don’t be dismayed by the naysayers who will be jealous of you as you embark on your dream journey. Friends and family might say they are looking out for your best interests, but they want to distract you from the small business prize because they are jealous of what you are doing. The second pieces of advice is start, and just start working on your dream business. Whether you work out of your car or van, a spare room, the garage, a small desk that is also your kitchen table, just start. Once you get into working on it, you will enjoy it, and as you enjoy it, you will work harder at making the business a success.

Make 2014 the year you become your own boss!